Evan Tereszcuk stole $16,500 from my company

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Update by user May 31, 2012

It is now May 31st and we still have not received anything from this guy. I have seen him now refering to himself as \" Evan Alexander \".

We have gone to the FBI and gave them all of his information and they are currently looking into this for us.

If you have been scammed by this guy please contact the FBI and go to www.ic3.gov and submit your information. The more people who come forward the sooner he will be charged.

Original review posted by user Mar 16, 2012

Evan Tereszcuk said he was a software broker and promised he could get my small business a very popular internet sweepstakes software. Having worked with him on other software I believed him.

We paid him over $16,000 for this product. Day after day went by and he kept saying the software and server would be in our office very soon. Everything he said was a lie. He promised we would be up and running in no time.

Once we caught on to this and demanded our money back he told us he would have to get it back from the software company. However, after contacting the software company they do not even know who Evan Tereszcuk is. Needless to say after 3 months of trying to get my money back we are still left empty handed. This man lied, cheated, and stole from us.

DO NOT do business with Evan A Tereszcuk. He resides in Wesley Chapel, Florida. Aparently this is nothing new for Evan, from what I am learning from other companies he has worked with he has done this many times. If you are thinking of hiring Evan Tereszcuk for anything please reconsider.

Evan Tereszcuk stole my money and is a theif. You have been warned.

I am hoping anyone else he tries to scam will see this and run like *** from this guy. I don't know how people like this can sleep at night.

Monetary Loss: $16.



i heard he was working as a CI for some entity or another.


He is in Los Angeles.

This *** needs to pay for the trail of destruction he has left.


Anything new on him?

Any idea where he is?

Knew him in Florida,he owes me money.

Are the police ever going to do anything or is it dead in the water?

Greensboro, North Carolina, United States #945440


His cell number.

Dayton, Ohio, United States #942663

Wow, I hope this guy has been caught but... just looking at his picture it's so easy to see he's a weasel, I can't believe his game was that good to sucker everybody.

Vero Beach, Florida, United States #916230

Does anyone know where this guy is now?

He seems to have dropped out of sight?

Did he get arrested?

to ***cerned Party Mebane, North Carolina, United States #918451



Evan Tereszcuk is now living in California according to close sources. Best of luck to all affected by this guy.

If you have been conned by him I highly recommend going to the FBI's site and reporting the incident at: www.ic3.gov

The more reports on him the closer we will be to retribution. He is now the west coasts problem.


His wife has left him and is divorcing him.

She had no involvement and was unaware of wrong doing and was only guilty of falling for his elaborate deceptions.

to Injured Party #1204939

His wife was DEFINITELY in on the scam ... and the drugs. Not sure where she ended up or if anyone has ever been held accountable, but they both deserve to face the music for the fraud and abuse.

to Anonymous Vero Beach, Florida, United States #1252764

Care to offer proof of those allegations?

to Anonymous Tampa, Florida, United States #1260013

Used to live in the same Wesley Chapel development. Let's just say that I used to join in on some of their partying fun and so I saw and heard all of the stories from both of them.

Pretty sure there are other family members involved as well. I know her father was part of the whole scam and I think his father (and maybe others) was as well.

Haven't seen or heard from either since they left the neighborhood. Hope they haven't gotten others wrapped up in their schemes.


How can you be contacted ?

to Anonymous Los Angeles, California, United States #1263885

We ran into Evan Tereszcuk in Hollywood, CA and he claims he's Vladimir Putin's nephew in charge of a trillion dollar hidden government fund that's at his disposal. Seems pretty legit to me, looks just like Vladimir Putin and he was born in Moscow. I think all this information is bogus, Evan is the real deal he has to keep his identity secret because of his relationship with the Russian government.


For all parties involved please contact Det. David Pugh at the Pasco County Sheriff's office in Fla.

He is working on the case now.

Winston Salem, North Carolina, United States #805481



anyone wanting to share information contact thomasmagnum89@yahoo.com

to thomas magnum Winston Salem, North Carolina, United States #807180

Correction: the correct e-mail is thomasmagnum849@yahoo.com


The party resides at

1630 4th

Vero Beach


Hi, I was just read this post, as it was forwarded to me from a friend. unfortunately, my partner and I were also scammed by Evan to the tune of 30k each. I am going to contact the fbi today as you mentioned.

Port Charlotte, Florida, United States #742713

I worked for him at pelican island & I had a feeling that something was going on with him when he paid me out of the register. he is a drug addict & me & another coworker actually walked in on him doing drugs one day.

he said it wasn't what it looked like but we still quit. he called us everyday for months after that asking us to lie to other "investors" (aka: people he was scamming) & say that we were a software company, a bank, a truck driver, ect.. needless to say, we NEVER did it. I always had a feeling that he was scamming people, but I was always taught never to assume the worst.

it's so sad that he could do this to people & I sincerely hope & pray that EVERY single person / business / family that this a**hole effected, get every dollar & some, back! he is a HORRIBLE person & I'm very sure his karma is coming! good luck to the people that have been in contact with him!!

(336) 404-6679 - that's his cell number.. I hope it can help!

to Anonymous Winston Salem, North Carolina, United States #807178

Can you provide me with more info? What type of drug was he using?

Is there anything else you can tell me?

I want to see him brought to justice. My e-mail was listed wrong on earlier posts.

The correct e-mail is thomasmagnum849@yahoo.com. Many thanks.

Nashville, Arkansas, United States #710502

I am sorry for the losses of those in this post. Law enforcement is closing in on Evan Alexander Tereszcuk. As of July, 2013, he moved from a home leased by he and his wife located at 5206 Algerine Place, Weseley Chapel, FL 33544. The house is now up for rent on the MLS. He is now residing in Vero Beach, Indian River County, FL. His most recent company filings, including that of Pelican Island Associates, are registered to an address of 91 Mark Allen Dr., Sebastian, Indian River County, FL 32958 in the Wispering Palms manufactured home community.

I recommend that all civil claims are filed NOW, prior to any criminal charges. Otherwise, criminal restitution fund will be established and it will take forever to get paid back.

Hope this information is helpful.

to JH Private Investigator #787931

Inside source says he is planning on moving very,very soon. Less than a week.

this is Feb. 23.

I will post when he leaves. make your move fast

Lakeland, Florida, United States #683756

I have information that could be very useful in finding him and prosecuting him. I to have bedn duped by this deuce bag but i have a lot of info


what a deusche...


Alexis tereszcuk is his sister


You should realize his sitter is the Radar online reporter, Alexis Tereszcuk, who appears occasionally on Nancy Grace


He also refers to himself as Evan Alexander.

Don't think he can use his last name anymore to run his scams.


We have run into this guy. He is a nightmare.

He is very convincing, but BEWARE. He takes your money, you get nothing and he acts like it isn't his fault.


I am sorry to hear this. He sounds like a real *** bag.

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